Antonyo Statue

The Awards (formerly known as The Antonyos) were created by Drew Shade (Founder of Broadway Black) and founded in 2020 by The Black Theatre Society, a subsidiary membership organization of Broadway Black, during the COVID-19 pandemic with the intent of honoring extraordinary achievements within the Black theatre community.

The Awards strive to serve as a vehicle for Black joy, celebration, and Innovation; to promote camaraderie and celebration more than competition, in order to authentically highlight the full complexities, nuance, and distinction offered by the legacy that is the Black theatrical experience. Aimed to create a platform for honoring the talents and contributions of Black artists who often face underrepresentation and limited opportunities in the theater world, the ceremony seeks to amplify diverse voices, stories, and perspectives on stage.

The Awards offer a safe space for Black artists to feel seen, supported, and recognized within historical Black theatres and theatre companies as well as predominantly white institutions in the New York theatrical community and welcomes all people regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or identity who support Black artists to join the celebration.

Watch the 2020 inaugural Antonyo Awards